Hand Drawing Videos

Why are Hand Drawing Videos so effective?

The human brain processes visual information better than textual content, so your viewers can better understand and retain the message through such short and engaging videos, which captivates their interest through interesting and attention-grabbing animation – ensuring that they will remember your brand for a long time to come!

These videos get straight to the point with simple illustrations, which help to enhance the message that you are trying to get across to your audience.

We Explain Complex Content in Simple and Engaging Videos.

Verztec Media offers a one-stop solution to produce your very own Hand Drawing Videos, to deliver your information-heavy messages in a simple and easy to understand manner!

We Specialize in Producing Videos with the Problem-Solution Approach to bring out the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your Organisation, Brand, Products and Services.

What are the benefits of Hand Drawing Videos?

  • Increase customer engagement
    When your marketing messages are simplified in short and engaging videos, you can communicate and engage with your customers in a more efficient and effective manner!
  • Build a stronger brand identity
    Your customers can understand and relate better to your brand through such short and engaging videos!
  • Increase sales
    By incorporating a Call For Action in your Hand Drawing Videos, you can effectively convince your customers to do business with you, as these short and engaging videos will capture their interest!

What are Hand Drawing Videos useful for?

  • eTraining library
  • Business Knowledge Continuity
  • Explaining Services, Products or Processes in detail
  • Marketing information and Whitepapers
  • Product demos for products or services
  • InfoMotion Graphics for company profile or introduction of products and services
  • Short videos for purpose of Social Sharing on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • And Many More!


Explainer Videos for Blockchain ICOs and Start-up Businesses.

Explainer videos are an excellent form of publicizing content about your ICO – especially when people tend to remember 10% of what they’ve heard vs. 60% of what they’ve seen.

Our team can help create videos to explain your business and idea in a fast and engaging way, and give investors’ confidence in your offering. Videos are generally one of the most preferred forms of content, as most people prefer engaging, watchable and interactive content rather than reading. Catchy videos are also a great technique to reflect the identity of your brand.



Our Past Projects

Why should I work with Verztec Media to create a Hand Drawing Videos?

  • time
    Save Time and Effort

    Based on your objectives, Verztec Media will create the video storyboard, produce the transcript, record the professional voice narration and have our team of graphic artists draw your very own video. Simply provide us with details of your business and we will take care of things for you!

  • video
    Showcase Your Video to The World

    Need a video in a different language? Verztec Media can produce your Hand Drawing Video in over 100 languages besides English.

  • video
    High-Definition Videos

    All videos are produced in HD format for the best viewing experience for your audiences!


Engage us for your video illustration needs. Reach us at +65 6577 4646 and info@verztecmedia.com 


Client Testimonials

"Given that it is our first time working with Verztec Media, the experience has been nothing short of great professionalism and creativity. We were very thrilled with the idea of a Whiteboard Illustration Video for our corporate giving programme – 1000 Enterprises for Children-in-Need, and the results were more than satisfactory. Thank you for making this a seamless collaboration, Verztec Media."

Mr Chia Boon Khiang
Senior Director
Singapore Children’s Society
Singapore Children's Society
"It was a pleasure working with the team at Verztec Media who, in their efforts to meet our requirements and expectations, demonstrated both professionalism and efficiency. We are pleased with the quality of the work they provided and we appreciate their commitment to delivering excellent customer service and support throughout the project."

Guan Yuan Yuan
Research Associate
Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Business School
"Over the course of this project, we had the opportunity to work closely with Verztec Media Pte Ltd, in particular Hui Ying and her team. The team faced a considerable challenge, as they had to produce an introduction video for the myDigital platform – a new eco-system built for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore – within a relatively demanding time schedule. Despite these demands, Huiying and her team were approachable and adaptable to changes, communicating frequently to generate a common understanding between all parties of the time constraints and needs, and working within the limitations to deliver quality results.

The two points that stood out most in the process of working with Huiying and her team were their responsiveness and initiative in effecting communication. They ensured that we were kept updated throughout the production process and consulted on whether our requirements were being met. Any changes we required were met receptively and implemented swiftly, which was demonstrative of their initiative and flexibility. The team was also highly professional, ensuring the confidentiality of our video by limiting access with a secure password, granted only to us.

In general, Huiying and her team were highly receptive and approachable, and working with them was a positive, reassuring process."

Nikki Tan
Chief Digital & Information Officer
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
"EduGrow for Brighter Tomorrows is proud to have Verztec Media as a media partner. As a first-of-its-kind social mobility programme, garnering interest and support from an otherwise skeptical community proved challenging. With Verztec Media's contribution, we were able to reach out to potential volunteers efficiently and effectively. The concept behind the programme has also been made more relatable by the translation of plain text to eye-catching, attention-grabbing visual narrative. We received overwhelming response and are confident of a successful programme. Thank you, Verztec Media! "

Delia Pak
Life Community Services Society
Singapore Children's Society
"Life Community partnered Verztec Media to create a whiteboard illustration video showcasing the important work that we do in the local community to support at-risk children and families. The video depicts a story of transformation through the lens of one of our beneficiaries, providing a human touch that enables viewers to relate to our cause in a deep and impactful way. Verztec demonstrated how animation can be employed as a fresh and powerful tool for communicating ideas, as well as form lasting impressions that drive action. With the video, Life Community is now able to share its cause more concisely and effectively to both existing and potential stakeholders. To-date, we have displayed the video on various platforms such as our website, during events and meetings, and have received positive reactions on all occasions. We applaud the Verztec Media team for their creativity and professionalism. They are truly experts in what they do, and we are very impressed and proud of the final product. Thank you very much, Verztec Media!"

Delia Pak
Life Community Services Society
Singapore Children's Society
"Verztec has been a tremendous partner to work with. We were introduced to them through illustrator Adam Chua, who was chosen to interpret NPVC’s Company of Good programme in a whiteboard illustration. Adam recommended Verztec because he believed they provided the best animations for his illustrations. After our first meeting, Verztec and Adam were able to understand Company of Good, translate and condense it into a two minute script and conceptualise a storyboard that would best articulate the programme.

We were working on a very tight timeline and Verztec pulled out all the stops to expedite the process for us. They were very responsive to our feedback and we worked very closely together to produce a video that we were very satisfied with. This has been one of the smoothest creative process we have been a part of and we thank Verztec for their professionalism and efficiency."

Kenneth Wong
Executive Director
Corporate Giving
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Singapore Children's Society
"We got to know Verztec Media in 2015 through a HR conference event, and that is when Verztec has helped Gpayroll with the production of our marketing, product demo videos and translation of our marketing website. The Verztec team has been very prompt in the delivery and we appreciate the value-add(s) given to us to meet our requirements. On a month by month basis, we do see an increase in the number of new views on our videos. A big thank you for creating those beautiful videos for us!"

RenQun Huang
Senior Business Analyst
Gpayroll Pte Ltd
"SPD being a voluntary welfare organisation in support of people with disabilities, any form of supports from our partners would be instrumental to SPD’s mission in maximising potential and enabling people with disabilities in their road to self-reliance and independence. SPD is truly glad to have Verztec Media’s sponsorship in putting together a white board video for SPD to create awareness of our causes and also to reach out to the public for their supports. SPD truly appreciate the kind gesture and we look forward to building a strong partnership with Verztec Media."

Joyce Lee, Senior Executive
Resource Development
Community Partnerships
Singapore Children's Society