Mobile Website Development

Mobile Website Development

Maximise the user experience of your website with a mobile-friendly website!

Mobile Web

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Our team of experts can help you develop a mobile site, but let us revamp it into a mobile responsive website for you.

With the increase of mobile internet users, a website not optimised for mobile usage falls behind those with one. A report recently released by Nielsen revealed that the average U.S. adult spends 34 hours per month surfing the web on their mobile devices, surpassing the 27 hours on a desktop computer!

Mobile internet users usually lose interest in a website when it is difficult to navigate through the website using the small mobile screen as compared to a desktop monitor.

Google has also recently announced a change in their search algorithm to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly pages over those that are not. To remain relevant in the Google search engine, engage us to develop a mobile-friendly version of your desktop website to cater to your mobile visitors.

Benefits of mobile optimized website

  • Increasing Your Reach to Tablet and Mobile Audiences
  • Increase Sales and conversion rates for your Business
  • Consolidate your analytics and reporting (for a single site that is responsive – rather than multiple sites, built for different devices & screen resolutions)
  • Increase your visibility and ranking in Search Engines (Google and Bing rank you higher than your Competitors)
  • Easier Navigation
  • Enhance User Web offline browsing experience (Why? Responsive design allows site owners to deliver quality content to audiences across devices, the offline browsing capabilities of HTML5 mean that sites can be easily accessed ‘on the go’)


Work Flow and Process

Mobile Website Development Steps



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